Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Turning back the pages - 100 years ago

THE Christmas festival of 1917 will be remembered as having been the quietest on record. It was essentially a time of economy in the use of foods, partially due to patriotic impulses, but more particularly to the inability to secure the articles usually associated with Christmastide in consequence of their scarcity or the prohibitive prices. There was never a time within living memory when people were so put to in order to obtain the common necessities, such as sugar, butter, lard, margarine and tea while commodities required for Christmas puddings were unobtainable.

Enquiries made at Henley station elicited the fact that the traffic was heavier than normal, this being largely due to the number of strangers and military in the town but, under the capable direction of Mr Lock, everything worked smoothly. The parcels and goods department also had a very busy period before Christmas but it was all dealt with in the expeditious manner for which the station staff are renowned.

L Cpl E P Ayres, son of Mr and Mrs Ayres, of Park Road, Henley, has been awarded the Military Medal for gallant and distinguished conduct in France. He is serving in a Lewis machine gun section of the Royal Berks Regiment.

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