Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Turning back the pages - 50 years ago

HEAVY snowfall on Monday night brought chaos to Henley’s roads on Tuesday morning. Practically every road out of the town was blocked at times and the worst jam was on Fair Mile. Cars found it impossible to get up Bix Hill and, at one stage, there was a three-mile queue stretching back to Northfield End. A policeman was posted at the end of New Street to warn drivers of the hold-up. The road was finally cleared at about 11am.

Problems affecting the disposal of household refuse were likely to arise in the next few months and to become more acute as time went on, Henley Rural District Council was warned at its meeting on Tuesday. Dr J A Currie, chairman of the public health committee, introduced the subject, saying that the district produced nine freighter loads of refuse each day five days a week. He said there was a growing scarcity of “holes in the ground” currently used for burying refuse.

A case of anthrax was confirmed after a cow belonging to Richard Ovey, of Hernes Farm, Henley, died last weekend. The cow was burned on Monday.

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