Tuesday, 26 October 2021

2ND LT F Smith, of Park Road, Henley, who belongs to the Royal Berks Regiment and was only recently raised from the ranks, has been awarded the Military Cross for gallantry and devotion to duty while in action from November 30 to December 3, He has also been mentioned by Sir Douglas Haig in more recent despatches. Hearty congratulations are offered upon his meritorious recognition.

Our readers will be gratified to learn that the sum of £30 1s 10d was raised as a result of the Mayor’s Christmas Appeal on behalf of the Blinded Soldiers’ Children Fund and his worship desires to thank all who contributed and the scouts for their services in collecting the envelopes.

Snow fell in Henley and district during Tuesday night but the sun coming out on Wednesday morning caused a rapid thaw. By sundown,  however, a very hard frost had set in and the roads and pavements became very slippery and exceedingly dangerous to walk upon. People awoke on Thursday morning to find the ground covered to a depth of several inches by a fresh fall of snow, which was followed during the morning by fog and a drizzling rain.

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