Friday, 17 September 2021

Twenty Five Years Ago...

DETECTIVES have questioned nearly 400 people about the murder of Russell’s Water pensioner Jim Eggleton. Police now believe that robbery may not have been the reason for the bachelor’s death and say that the 70-year-old could have known his killer. Ds Reg Pengelly said: “There were no signs of a search or a forced entry having been made.”

Nearly two cars a day are broken into in Henley and only a fraction of offenders ever caught, according to new figures. More than 1,650 offences took place in the area between January and November last year but only 10 per cent were detected.  Car thefts accounted for a third of the total.

The emergency services rushed to a suspected air disaster in Sonning on Monday night when they responded to a call from a motorist who thought he had seen a plane disappear. The driver had described hearing a bang and seeing flashes in the sky. Ten fire crews, ambulances, paramedics and police gathered at the Wee Waif junction between the A4 and B478 before launching a major search. Minutes later they discovered that distress flares had been set off by a nearby sailing club as part of a lecture.

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