Wednesday, 20 October 2021

A hundred years ago...

SHORTLY before Christmas, parcels of comforts were dispatched to the Henley boys on active service. The funds for the purchase were raised by means of subscriptions, concerts, etc. Accompanying each parcel was a letter signed by some lady or gentleman in the town conveying the good wishes of the Henley people to the recipient. Shoals of letters have since been received by the signatories to the letters expressive of thanks for the parcels and reciprocating the good wishes which the letters conveyed to them.

Mr T Coad thanks the patrons and club members of the Carpenters’ Arms Inn, Henley, for their past support and desires to let them know that, owing to the shortage of supplies, his hours of opening will in future be 7pm to 9pm. Urgent orders during ordinary hours will be met at a side entrance.

LL Cpl A Berriss, of Remenham Hill, Henley, has been awarded the Military Medal for gallantry and devotion to duty. The brave soldier is now in hospital in France, suffering with “trench foot”.

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