Friday, 24 September 2021

25 years ago...

ANGER and regret has followed the shock resignation from the town council this week of Henley Residents Group leaders Kru and Gill Zakss. Fellow members Mayor Janine Voss and Ken Arlett praised the couple for their hard work but criticised them for leaving mid-term while Conservative councillor David Nimmo Smith called for the resignation of all HRG members. Mr and Mrs Zakss announced their decision yesterday, saying they had accomplished all they had set out to do when they joined the council two years ago.

A safety deposit box containing valuable silver plate was mistakenly handed over by a Henley bank to Shiplake Parish Council. It was not until the box was opened by a locksmith that the mistake was discovered and the rightful owners identified as the village church. The council contacted churchwarden Tom Rosser who collected the box.

A dozen young people were left stranded at Henley station when the last train on Saturday night failed to arrive. The disgruntled passengers, ranging in age from 15 to 22, waited from before midnight until about 12.50am when, without warning, the station lights were switched off.

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