Thursday, 23 September 2021

A hundred years ago...

ON Monday a meeting was held for allotment holders. With the exception of one who has left, all wished to retain their holdings and six other names were added. A discussion arose as to the advisability of keeping pigs and it is hoped that soon each cottager may be able to have his sty well filled and, as in the good old days of Nettlebed, have his full side of bacon hanging in his cottage kitchen and thus help in these times of stress.

A quarter of Wyfold Court Park has been ploughed up by Sir Robert Hermon-Hodge in order to grow corn and help supply food for the country. The pheasant pen at Wyfold has also been turned into a rabbit-breeding pen, also with the idea of increasing the food supply. This example set by Sir Robert might well be followed by many others.   

Sgt Wiseby Lacey has been mentioned in despatches for gallant conduct in the field.

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