Monday, 18 October 2021

Fifty years ago...

HENLEY police and a doctor went to the Central Garage in Station Road on Monday after excavations for a large pit had exposed a quantity of bones. The work of removing surrounding earth was carried out carefully and a keen eye kept on possible clues — until it was discovered that the skeleton was that of a large dog, buried there when that part of the garage was open land. The dog’s collar was still present and the name tab showed it had belonged to Mr W Brayne, a taxi proprietor who had lived at Imperial Parade before his death some years ago.

Today in Henley there is a very happy woman. Jane de Souza, a mother of two, joined the Datchet class of Weight Watchers 24 weeks ago, weighing 13st 2lb. Now, she is a mere 10st 7lb and hopes to lose one more stone to reach her goal weight.

Cdt Sgt Ian Vernon C Ferguson, 19, of Southwood Close, Harpsden Wood, has been awarded a Royal Air Force flying scholarship. Educated at Greshams School, where he was a member of the RAF section, he will carry out his flying training at the Oxford Flying Club at the end of this month.

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