Thursday, 23 September 2021


DESPITE the vigilance of a Henley businessman and a valiant attempt by an off-duty police officer to effect an arrest, a man made good his escape after a chase through Henley soon after 2pm on Tuesday, and the police are wondering if the incident has any connection with a number of walk-in thefts reported to them over the last few months, about which they have warned local residents.

A cocktail party was held by the Henley Conservative Association at Leander Club on Friday which proved to be a great success, being attended by more than 100 members. Mr Peter Sutherland, the new chairman, thanked everyone for their support, and apologised on behalf of Mr John Hay MP, who was unable to attend as he was in America.

It was reported at the annual meeting of Wargrave and Shiplake regatta last Friday that, although turnover for the year was £1,200 there had been a slight loss, due in part to the extremely bad weather experienced at the regatta, conditions being probably the worst for 30 years.

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