Saturday, 18 September 2021

Fifty years ago...

THOMAS BROOKS, of Northfield End, Henley, thinks he has the longest, cleanest, driving licence of anyone in the area — and no wonder. For he has a framed letter showing that his first licence was issued on July 24, 1906. That adds up to some 62 years of trouble-free motoring and there can be few people to equal that record.

The institutional Whit Sunday pilgrimage of members of the Polish community in Great Britain took place at the Divine Mercy College, Fawley Court, the home of the Congregation of Marian Fathers, in glorious weather. More than 12,000 people gathered in the grounds of the historic mansion to pay homage to Saint Stanislaw Kostka, the patron of Catholic youth, who died 400 years ago.

When Rex Tucker, who is the director of The Million Pound Banknote, a four-part play for the BBC, wanted a nice quiet spot for his hero and heroine to have a picnic, he chose Lambridge Woods as the place. This was not surprising because Mr Tucker himself lives at Hawes Farm, Lower Assendon. The series, which will be shown sometime in the autumn, is based on a book by Mark Twain.

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