Thursday, 23 September 2021

A hundred years ago...

AT 12.30pm on Tuesday the fire brigade received a call to Lower Bolney Farm, where a large straw rick was in flames and placing in danger a spacious barn and workmen’s dwellings. Water was taken from a brook on the opposite side of the railway level crossing and a good stream directed on the farm buildings soon placed them out of risk. Attention was then given to the straw rick and all danger was quickly over.

On Saturday afternoon the soldiers of the VAD Hospital at Wargrave and a few of those in the Henley Hospital were invited on a river trip by Mr A S C and Mrs Booth, of The Mount, Wargrave. The weather was to be desired and the journey downstream through Henley to Medmenham Abbey was much enjoyed. On their return to Wargrave, tea was partaken of in the garden at the Mount followed by a concert party.

At the monthly meeting of the Henley Board of Guardians, Mr J Watts said he was sorry to have to say that, in keeping with the general rise in prices, that of coffins had gone up from £1 to £1 8s 6d. He presumed they could not do otherwise than accept and it was agreed to pay the increased charge.

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