Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Twenty five years ago...

URGENT calls came this week for public support for FRESH, the town’s regeneration project, after Henley was branded a “dying town”. And if FRESH (Future Regeneration and Economic Strategy for Henley) is not given the public backing it needs, the town had no future, it was claimed. “Henley will just disappear, it will be a nonentity,” Chamber of Trade member and past president Mr Gordon Southward told the Standard at a special trade forum at the town hall on Wednesday night.

Anger and disappointment is growing after would-be telephone voters failed to get through to television talent show Stars in Their Eyes on Saturday to support their local star. Supporters of Henley contestant Johnny Robinson are upset that they could not phone their votes through because the lines were overloaded.

A row has broken out over the dilapidated state of the chapel at Henley Cemetery. South Oxfordshire District Council has told the town council that unless it is willing to take over the maintenance of the chapel, off Fair Mile, then it will close.

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