Sunday, 26 September 2021

A hundred years ago...

THE Mayor announced that the town council of Wycombe had challenged them to a friendly game of bowls at Wycombe and he would like the opinion of the council thereon. The invitation did not seem to find favour with some of the council, the opinion being that they hadn’t sufficient leisure time at present. No decision was come to, but it is expected that the Mayor will be able to get together a team, although not 14 as suggested in the letter from Wycombe.

AS a result of the Riverside Fete held at Shiplake on behalf of the YMCA Huts, a sum of £400 has been raised which Sir Arthur Yapp writes to Mrs Weldon he will gladly allocate to the purchase of a portable equipment hut, which will travel in a motor lorry with the advancing army, and which will be nicknamed “The Shiplake Hut”.

Nettlebed is very full of visitors this month who much appreciate the iron seats on the common bought from the proceeds of a rummage sale in the Spring. The country is certainly looking very beautiful and the harvest is in full swing.

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