Sunday, 26 September 2021

Fifty years ago...

PARK Road in Henley has had its own invasion over the past week. It has been invaded by a number of hawk moth caterpillars and these creatures, often two or three inches long, have been a considerable worry to householders. Both the moth and the caterpillar are uncommon and are rarely seen in the daytime. But these have been crawling about openly and, in one case, have been seen in a kitchen. The caterpillars, however, are quite harmless.

A thief or thieves carried out one of the cheekiest thefts ever known in Henley on Friday last week when they climbed over a locked back gate between 1pm and 2pm and took a purse and a wallet from a kitchen, while the resident was talking to a friend in the front room of the property in St Andrew’s Road.

Wargrave and Shiplake’s unique regatta got off to a dismal start last Friday when heavy rain threatened to mar this heavily subscribed regatta in its 101st year. Saturday morning was not much better, but the sun came out in the afternoon when it was needed, and a large crowd, to match the large entry, watched many exciting races and obviously enjoyed themselves.  

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