Saturday, 25 September 2021

Twenty five years ago...

RAT poison has killed a cat in the Gainsborough estate and left its owner with a £200 bill. And two other cats owned by the family recovered only after receiving treatment. Veronica Childs, who lives in Gainsborough Road, said the trouble started a few months ago when two of the family’s cats became very ill. A vet confirmed they had been poisoned and treated them but their third cat had to be put down.

A motorist who parked in a “no waiting zone” went to court on Tuesday and ended up being £10 better off. Matthew Watts, from Harpsden Way, Henley, parked outside a house in Queen Street when he was given a parking ticket. Watts claimed he had permission to park there from the owner but paid the £30 fine. He then filled out the wrong part of the form, suggesting he wanted a court hearing. He pleaded guilty and was fined £20 under the means test but the £30 he had paid was refunded.

Young skateboarders in Henley look set to have their ramp moved to an edge of town spot. The move follows months of bitter complaint about the ramp, which has been branded a noisy eyesore at its present site in Mill Meadows.

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