Friday, 17 September 2021

Fifty years ago...

AN unidentified flying object seen between Henley and Reading at a slow speed on Saturday night gave several people a bit of a shock. Reading police had six 999 calls about it and police at Henley also received calls from the Abrahams estate and Marlow Road. The object, however, did not remain unidentified for long. Air traffic control at Benson put all minds at rest by confirming that the “flying saucer” was in fact an aircraft testing navigational equipment.

Martyn Waring, son of Mr and Mrs A C Waring, of Western Road, Henley, was one of a party organised by the Angling Times in a recent assault on the conger record for British waters. Although failing to beat the individual record, the anglers managed the third best conger, weighing 76lb and in one day caught 1,700lb to beat the previous one-day best of 1,640lb.

Henley police suspect that there is a prowler at work in the Upton Close area after reports from householders. A recent report told of a back door being tried at one of the houses and some boxes being knocked over. Previously, a householder had told of a face peering in at her window.

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