Thursday, 28 October 2021

A hundred years ago...

THE Henley Rural Food Committee has received an application from a discharged soldier, who has been a butcher in London, for permission to carry on the business of a butcher at Binfield Heath. The area meat agent has written pointing out the serious difficulties in getting supplies for such a small number of customers. But the committee thought that having regard to the distance Binfield Heath is from Henley and Reading, it would be convenient if the applicant opened.

A nursing sister says she had kept her clothes boiler going by burning in the furnace a mixture of coal dust, riddled cinders, orange and lemon peelings, tea leaves, nut shells and rhubarb parings. This fuel is incorporated by pouring soap suds on the ingredients and thoroughly mixing them. Soap suds poured on coal, the sister claims, cause it to last longer.

Sgt W J Kelly, second son of Mr W Kelly, St Mark’s Road, Henley, who was gazetted on April 10 as having been awarded the Military Medal, has now had the further honour of being awarded a bar to his medal for distinguished services rendered.            

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