Friday, 22 March 2019

Fifty years ago

JAMES CALLAGHAN, the Home Secretary and treasurer of the Labour Party, was a guest at a reception held at Thamesfield Youth Centre in Wargrave Road, Henley, on Friday night. The reception was for Labour Party officials of the northern home counties region, who heard from Mr Callaghan that the party would ask the trade unions to increase their financial support before the next election. Mr Callaghan stressed the importance of the constituency parties, saying they played a vital role in the basically “working class” party.

A 13-year-old boy admitted the theft of three pairs of ladies’ briefs, valued at 9s 11d and belonging to a woman from Sonning Common, at Henley Juvenile Court on Wednesday. After reading a medical report, Lady Rathcreedan, chairman of the bench, said: “This was a very silly sort of thing to do.” The boy was put on probation for a year.

After some weeks of collecting materials, Peppard had a monster stack ready to be lit on Guy Fawkes night, but some time after midnight on Monday someone jumped the gun and set it alight. On Tuesday there was only a heap of ashes and charred debris left.

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