Friday, 22 February 2019

Fifty years ago...

BURGLARS stole £139 8s 5d worth of jewellery in a raid on the B Jobin jewellery shop in Bell Street, Henley. They smashed the plate glass side window with bricks, grabbed a number of gold items and ran into New Street, where they leapt into a red sports car and sped off. Police were immediately alerted by the burglar alarm and recovered £40 worth of goods dropped by the raiders.

A licensing renewal hearing for the Carpenter’s Arms at Remenham was adjourned amid complaints that the pub was a magnet for antisocial behaviour. Neighbours said live bands often played at excessive volumes and “carloads of thugs” would turn up and threaten violence against anyone who complained. Maidenhead magistrates said they would decide the application the following week.

The Mill House at Turville was flooded on Tuesday evening when a gas pipe burst as it was being tested by running water through it. It made a crater in the garden about two yards square and swept building materials, mud and rubble through the house, causing hundreds of pounds in damage to carpets and furniture.

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