Tuesday, 20 August 2019

A hundred years ago...

THE welcome change for the better which set in as regards the weather made people anticipate a really good time this Eastertide. The climatic conditions on Friday were good and on Saturday it was gloriously fine, tempered with a warm breeze which made outdoor exercises, especially boating, thoroughly enjoyable. Sunday and Monday were not so warm with a keen east wind blowing, but as Old Sol put in an appearance people were not slow to take advantage.

At the Easter vestry meeting at Holy Trinity Church, attention turned to the state of the church bells, which are out of tune. Mr Taylor, the well-known bell founder, made an inspection and said: “The bells are of poor quality of tone and badly out of tune as regards their fundamental notes and also their harmonies.”   

On Sunday a little boy, who with his parents was on a visit to the town, stumbled and fell in Church Street. In falling, his face came into contact with a piece of glass and he sustained very severe cuts underneath the nose. Pc Walker was passing by at the time and he promptly picked up the boy and took him to the surgery where the cuts needed several stitches.

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