Saturday, 24 August 2019

A hundred years ago...

MEMBERS of staff and patients of the Sanatorium have presented Dr and Mrs Lillingston with an entrée dish as a memento of their stay at Peppard. Harry Cole, who is the senior member of staff, said that some people thought sanatorium life meant long faces, medicine and bed but those who had been under treatment very soon knew better and it was always a treat to meet Dr and Mrs Lillingston, who always had a word and a smile for all.  

How often one hears the remark “The goose that lays the golden egg”. The same has been exemplified lately near Henley. Mrs S W Green, of Swiss Farm, had a goose lay a large double-yoke egg which has now hatched into two goslings. Though rather small, the youngsters are healthy and strong.

Having been the secretary of Henley Regatta since 1883, Mr J F Cooper has resigned, to the deep regret of all associated with this great annual event. At the earnest request of the committee, he has consented to see through this year’s Peace Regatta and his resignation will not take effect until October.

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