Saturday, 18 January 2020

Fifty years ago...

ABOUT eight weeks ago, Durable Markings, of Reading Road, Henley, were approached by the police after several lollipop men and women had been injured as they helped children across the roads on dark mornings. The trouble was their lollipops did not show up in the dark. Durable Markings agreed to produce a new type of lollipop and last week they produced a prototype which was good enough to be immediately authorised for use by the Ministry of Transport.    

On Monday afternoon, St Agnes approached Henley Bridge a very worried houseboat. It was bad enough that her superstructure had been burnt out in a fire at Oxford, leaving her a wreck of her former self, but she wasn’t at all sure that what was left would make it under the bridge. She tried head-on but couldn’t do it then finally managed it navigating backwards with the help of two motor launches.

On Monday night three telephone kiosks in Remenham, Bix and Middle Assendon were raided. Their coin boxes were forced and the cash amounting to anything up to £10 in silver was stolen. The last time this sort of crime happened here was in November when five kiosks were raided in one night.

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