Friday, 05 June 2020

Fifty years ago...

THE Kenton Theatre now owes only £2,976 to its principal creditors, a meeting of the Kenton Theatre Society heard on Wednesday. The theatre is running at a slight profit, the first payments to the creditors have been made, and, although it still owes the John Lewis Partnership £3,600 on an interest-free loan, this sum is covered by the gross expected total of covenants still to come in.

Having raised the £23,000 for which it appealed to buy the 247-acre reserve at Bix Bottom, the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Naturalists’ Trust has already started work according to the plan drawn up. The management committee, chaired by Colonel Peter Fleming, announced that 12 acres of Freedom Wood, the south-east toe of the reserve, have now been planted with oak, beech, cherry, lime and hornbeam, flanked by Scots pine.

George Harrison, 27, and his wife, former model Pattie Boyd, have moved into Friar Park Stables. Apple, the Beatles’ music publishing company, confirmed this week that he would be building a private recording studio in the building.

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