Saturday, 23 January 2021

Twenty five years ago...

POLICE have been accused of using heavy-handed tactics during a night of shame in Henley town centre on Friday. Witnesses claim officers inflamed an already volatile situation by using excessive force to deal with troublemakers. A number of people told the Henley Standard how batons were used “indiscriminately” by police. One labelled the behaviour as “downright thuggery”.

Henley has been dubbed South Oxfordshire’s “forgotten town” for housing. Waiting lists for homes in the town are the longest in the district, with families being told they could wait years. Many are being offered housing in towns miles away from their roots while a housing needs priority system means people from the other side of the district are being given homes in Henley.

The voices of Henley’s traffic-weary residents made themselves heard at a meeting to discuss the town’s transport problems. About 200 people crowded into the town hall to have their say. The issue of a bypass was raised, with the consensus that one was needed. A tunnel under the river near Phyllis Court Club was also suggested, as was a new bridge over the river near Tesco and a toll on Henley Bridge.

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