Wednesday, 12 May 2021

A hundred years ago...

OUTSIDE the ordinary run of football followers, a great amount of interest was centred in the announcement that a match was to be played on the Henley Town ground in which the competitors were to be members of the fair sex. A match was played on Saturday between Reading Ladies’ Club and Swindon Ladies’ Team. When the sides had been lined up the Mayoress of Henley Mrs W A Hobbs kicked off amid cheers and the fun began.

Nothing more useful could be imagined than to commemorate those brave fellows who gave their lives for King and country in the war than the erection of a village hall and institute. At Rotherfield Peppard they had two memorials under consideration. The first, a memorial at the church, has been erected and dedicated, while the foundation stone was laid on Saturday — St George’s Day — in the presence of some 300 villagers.

His many friends in Henley will be glad to hear that the King has granted to Mr Rudolp Consterdine permission to wear the Order of the Striped Tiger (5th class) which has been conferred on him by the President of the Republic of China.

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