Monday, 29 November 2021


A WELL-ATTENDED meeting at Henley town hall on Friday voted overwhelmingly in favour of Britain’s entry into the Common Market. Henley’s MP John Hay said that he was attracted by the terms of entry obtained by the Government. He made it clear, however, that his mind was still open on the subject.

Good progress was reported at this week’s meeting of the management committee of the Henley Day Centre. The warden stated that the membership had reached 300 and there was a growing waiting list. In view of this, it was unanimously agreed to raise the acceptable limit to 500 and that when that total was reached the committee would review it again.

Among those present at the silver jubilee celebrations at HM Borstal, Huntercombe Place, on Saturday, were the Mayor and Mayoress of Henley, Councillor and Mrs Tony Lane. They had a tour of the establishment and saw an exhibition of arts and crafts.

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