Monday, 29 November 2021


BEGUN in a small way many years ago, the Henley and District Agricultural Association’s annual show, held on Wednesday, has this year achieved success that was never dreamt of. At its annual meeting, it was pointed that unless there was better financial support, the association would have to reduce its activities, which would be a calamity. Fortunately, several gentlemen came to the rescue and by infusing new classes into the schedule and themselves working like trojans, it is hoped to have secured the future of the show.

A record number attended the sale of furniture and effects representing the contents of Remenham House, near Henley, on Tuesday and Wednesday. More than 500 lots were disposed of by
Mr H T Simms at the average rate of 90 per hour. Mention may be made of the following: white enamelled bedroom suite £51, inlaid mahogany suite £37 10s, and tennis nets and posts £4 8s.

A report was made at a meeting of the Henley Charity Trustees about a dangerous shed to the rear of Kenton Hall and it was agreed to have the shed shortened and the wall built up.

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