Monday, 17 January 2022

A hundred years ago...

THE season of Christmas, with its rounds of religious observances and social enjoyment, has once more passed over us but there is very little to record of the doings of that period, it having been practically an indoor Christmas. Coming on a Sunday made things awkward as people were not inclined to go in for jollification. The shops looked attractive, families were reunited and the streets on Christmas Eve presented an animated scene. But one can only presume that with so many unemployed, people had not the heart to vent their feelings.

On Tuesday, Capt and Mrs Noble had their annual Christmas treat for the children of Remenham. The children assembled near the mansion at about 3.45pm and were met by Mr W Baker, who ushered them into the dining hall where tea was already laid out for them. It was an excellent meal with cake, buns and bread and butter.

On Christmas Day, in lieu of a meal of soup, each child — to the number of 110 — who visited the Henley soup kitchen received a half-pound Christmas pudding, an orange and half a dozen apples.

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