Thursday, 19 May 2022

A hundred years ago...

A COMMISSION from Oxfordshire County Council sat at the town hall in Henley on Friday to consider an application for amalgamation of the parishes of Pishill and Stonor. The chairman stated that the parishioners of the two parishes had forwarded a petition in favour of amalgamation. There being no opposition, the commissioners agreed to suggest the new name of the parish should be Pishill-with-Stonor.

At Caversham Petty Sessions on Saturday, a couple of lads were summoned for stealing a tree from Gallowstree Common. The common is open for a fortnight each year for people to pick up as much dead wood as they like but a practice has grown up of people cutting down trees and Lord Wyfold, the prosecutor, wants to put a stop to it. The two lads were caught in the act but Lord Wyfold understood them to be of excellent character and members of the Church Lads’ Brigade so asked if the bench would consent to the charges being withdrawn and the chairman agreed.

In all probability, a meeting will be held in Watlington town hall on Monday night to talk over the question of providing electric light.

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