Saturday, 21 May 2022

A hundred years ago...

AFTER an illness of just under a week’s duration, Mr Frederick Charles Jarvis, one of the postmen attached to the Henley post office, has passed away, leaving three young orphan girls. His wife predeceased him just over seven months ago. The deceased, who was only 38, was much respected both at the office and on his round. His funeral took place at Holy Trinity Church on Tuesday in the presence of a large gathering. Four postmen acted as bearers.

A novelty, as far as Henley is concerned, has been introduced into our Sunday services in the form of pictorial illustrations. This is by no means new in other parts of the country. The introduction of the lantern service in Henley is due to the Rev E S Spooner, pastor of the congregational church.

The choir boys had their annual treat on Friday. A splendid lunch was provided at the hostel and when full justice had been done to the spread provided by Mr Croucher, the boys enjoyed some games in the club room. They then thoroughly enjoyed an entertainment of conjuring and ventriloquism by
Mr Leonard Webb.

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