Thursday, 19 May 2022

Fifty years ago...

HENLEY MP John Hay renewed his attack on what he termed the “New Left” in a speech on Friday and described Labour Party criticism as “twaddle”. Speaking at the annual meeting of the Conservative Party’s Henley branch, he urged the public to learn to recognise Labour’s activities and resist them.

Fashion and drapery shops in Henley are to be allowed to open six days a week and there is a possibility that all the town’s shops may be allowed to follow suit. A vote was taken among 31 fashion and drapery shops in the town. Fifteen were in favour of six-day trading, seven were not, and nine did not record their vote.

Adjustments of deposits have enabled the potential life of the Assendon tip to be extended, the borough surveyor told the borough council’s public health committee. Good quality top soil has been received from a local site in exchange for contact-bed stone which has enabled more tipping space to be available.

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