Saturday, 02 July 2022

A hundred years ago...

ON Monday afternoon a steamroller “ran away” but happily its vagaries were unattended by any serious consequences. It appears that the roller had been engaged upon repairs in Greys Hill when the gauge glass blew out. This necessitated it being taken back to the yard for repair so another roller was sent to let it gently down the hill, a stout chain being attached to hold it back, but 20 yards below the Saracen’s Head the chain snapped and the damaged roller dashed down the hill and came to a standstill at the Royal Oak.

On Wednesday, a horse attached to a coal wagon belonging to Messrs Toomer R & Co took fright and ran away in Reading Road, Henley, passing through the town at a mad gallop before it was eventually stopped. On the way it knocked down a youth named Butler who, fortunately, escaped with just an injury to his leg. It seems miraculous that no further damage was done.

There was a plentiful display of flags in various parts of town on Tuesday in honour of the marriage of HRH Princess Mary with Viscount Lascelles. All the schools had a holiday and at noon the bells of the parish church rang a merry peal.

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