Monday, 16 May 2022

A hundred years ago...

CAPTAIN Terrell, the MP for Henley, has now returned to the House after his severe attack of influenza, from which he has practically recovered. He is at once devoting his attention to the need for economy. One suggestion was when he asked the financial secretary to the Treasury whether examinations are still being held for admission to the Civil Service, he considered it advisable to refrain from adding to the number of officials.

The annual staff fancy dress ball was recently held at the Sanatorium Hall in Peppard. Mr Harold Mead, of Henley, provided the jazz band as well as a pianist and violinist. The hall was tastefully decorated by Mr Mercer, the trainees and the patients and the judging of costumes was undertaken by Dr Barton.

The proposed polling district alterations referred to at the Revision sittings at Oxford on Saturday are as follows: The parish of Rotherfield Peppard will be divided for voting purposes and the voters in Mill Lane, Drawback, and at the lower portion of the parish will vote at Henley instead of Peppard.

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