Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Fifty years ago...

THIEVES got away with £4,015 in a raid on Nettlebed post office on Thursday night last week. The theft was discovered on Friday morning by the wife of the sub-postmaster, Brinley Bevan. The intruders broke in via ground floor window and forced three doors when they were inside the building before drilling open the safe.

The vigilance of a group of young people in Bell Street, Henley, on Tuesday evening prevented what might have developed into a serious fire. As the youngsters were passing the General Decorating Supplies shop, they noticed it was filled with thick smoke and one of them, Nigel Newbury, of Mount View, informed the police.

Someone unknown successfully wasted the time of a combined force of police and firemen on Tuesday evening. Following a telephone call to the Red Lion Hotel to the effect that a bomb had been planted there and was due to explode in 30 minutes, police and firemen searched the hotel but no bomb was found.

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