Monday, 16 May 2022

A hundred years ago...

THE old pruning knife found stained with blood in a hedge bordering the Crown and Anchor Inn in Gallowstree Common, where Mrs Sarah Blake was found murdered on March 4, has been photographed by Mr G Bushell, of Hart Street, and since Friday has been shown nightly at the Henley Picture Palace with a notice asking anyone who recognises it to inform the police.

For some time past, Captain Reginald Terrell MO has been in communication with the Ministry of Health regarding the nuisance caused by the open drain at Littlemore, pointing out that while all agreed as to its urgent attention nobody agreed as to the proper authority to defray the cost. Capt Terrell urged that in the interest of the residents, official attention should be paid to the matter.

On Sunday evening, after divine worship was over at the several churches in the town, a lantern service was held in the town hall, which was packed by a reverent congregation. The service, which lasted upwards of an hour, was most impressive.

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