Saturday, 02 July 2022

Fifty years ago...

WILLIAM TALBOT has received a medallion from America’s National Aeronautics Space Administration for the part he played in the successful Apollo moon programme. The medallion was presented by astronaut Richard Gordon while the latest Apollo 16 mission was in progress. Mr Talbot, of St Mark’s Road, Henley, is head of management services at Cable and Wireless, the British telecommunications organisation, which provides vital communication links to America’s manned space flights.

John Hay, who has been Conservative MP for Henley for more than 22 years — longer than any other MP for the constituency this century — announced on Friday that he will not seek re-election at the next general election. He wishes to devote more time to business and personal interests.

Wendy Wyle, 11, won a gold medal at the Berks, Wilts and Oxon area judo championships on Saturday. She is a member of the Henley Youth Club judo team and a few weeks ago was runner-up in the national judo championships at Lime Grove after winning 12 contests.

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