Thursday, 19 May 2022

A hundred years ago...

EVERYONE is agreed that the stone-laying ceremonies last week were not only impressive but the whole arrangements were carried through without the slightest hitch thanks to the sub-committee appointed for the purpose. Neither must the energies of Miss Norah Beck in undertaking the sale of the souvenir programmes be overlooked for it resulted in a net profit of about £8.

A complaint has been received to the effect that defective guttering and stack pipes are causing damage to the property adjoining the Institute in Henley. The surveyor has been instructed to obtain tenders for repairing the external iron work, for washing all the external paintwork and for painting the same two coats. These tenders will be submitted to the town council.

The lighting, drainage and bridge committee of Henley Town Council heard that police had caught four boys throwing stones at a public lamp at the foot of Rotherfield Court Drive and they have been summoned accordingly.

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