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Ten Years Ago

April 11, 2003: HENLEY’S district councillors will be reduced from five to four when elections take place on May 1.

10 YEARS AGO: April 11, 2003

HENLEY’S district councillors will be reduced from five to four when elections take place on May 1. The existing Henley ward has been split into two separate wards, north and south, each with two district councillors. The split runs from Friday Street, up Greys Road and then along Gillotts Lane to rejoin the former boundary which cuts off before Gillotts School. A new ward, Chiltern Woods, will cover Bix and Assendon, Checkendon, Highmoor, Rotherfield Greys and Stoke Row.

Professional golfer Barry Lane and his wife Stephanie say they are looking forward to moving to Shiplake, despite a row over plans to extend their new home. The couple have been criticised by neighbours for their plans to add six double bedrooms and four extra windows to Chiltern Lodge in Station Road. This week, the Ryder Cup player said: “In response to the neighbour who objected, we took advice from the planning officer, withdrew the application, amended it and resubmitted it.”

The Little Angel at Remenham has re-opened for business just over a month after the previous tenants walked out, claiming that the excessive rent charged by Brakspear, and their prices for supplying drinks, made the business unviable. Rebecca Tooth, the new manager, said: “We will do everything we can to bring back the locals as well as attract new customers.”

25 YEARS AGO: April 15, 1988

FOUR members of a Henley family were counting themselves lucky to be alive after escaping from a fire at their home in the small hours of Wednesday. Margaret and Vivion Daly and their teenage children, Michael and Sarah, clambered down a ladder to safety as the fire blazed in the living room of their house in Paradise Road. Neighbours had come to their rescue after the family shouted from a bedroom window for help.

Calls for action over an accident blackspot at Shiplake have followed a spectacular crash on Sunday and one two days previously. The driver of a Sherpa van was lucky to escape serious injury when his vehicle left the road on a bend at Shiplake War Memorial. It rolled over, demolished part of a low wall and a section of fence and collided with some trees, leaving its roof wedged between the tree trunks. Two days earlier, two people were hurt when three vehicles were involved in a pile-up at about the same spot.

Hopes for for town councillor Tony Lane becoming the next mayor of Henley have been dashed. After his heart attack two weeks ago, Cllr Lane has been forced to tell the council, partly on doctor’s advice, that he will not be available for the job this year. He told the Standard: “I think the gamble is too great to take so soon after my illness.” Cllr Lane was Mayor of the old borough in 1971.

50 YEARS AGO: April 19, 1963

DESPITE the unpropitious holiday weather, Henley and the surrounding district attracted a large number of visitors and the banks of the river were a favourite spot for many. Mill Meadows proved an attraction for picnickers, those with more leisurely activities in mind and those who wished to disport themselves more energetically. The river itself drew a fair quota of small launches. Boats, punts and canoes were almost conspicuous by their absence. The late season allied to the inclement conditions did not allow visitors to see the surroundings in their soft spring beauty.

Oxford Regional Hospital Board is going to experiment with a prefabricated maternity unit in Henley. The scheme has been made possible by a new nationwide 10-year hospital building programme designed to cope with an urgent need to expand maternity services. The new maternity block in Henley, which may be the first of its kind in the country, will be assembled from prefabricated sections on a site within the precincts of Townlands Hospital. It will provide an additional 22 maternity places.

Just after 7am on Wednesday the manager of the International Stores’ Bell Street branch found that the nearby premises of Messrs. Hammants had been broken into. The raiders stole just over £200 in notes, silver and copper.

100 YEARS AGO: April 18, 1913

A MISHAP of a remarkable character led to the admission of Lena Pratt, of 8 Northfield End, Henley, to the Royal Berkshire Hospital on Thursday last week. The girl, who is only six, got a small bead stuck inside her ear. The bead could not be extracted and worked its way further in. A slight operation was necessary to remove it.

Under the auspices of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies, a well-attended meeting was held in the Assembly Room at the town hall on Monday evening, when addresses in support of the “Votes for Women” movement was delivered by Miss Geraldine Cooke and Miss Dora Masion, MA. The audience was comprised mostly of ladies, the majority of whom appeared to be in sympathy with the object of the meeting. At the rear of the hall, however, was a score or so of frisky lads — lords of creation in embryo — whose presence was obviously due to a desire to extract as much enjoyment as possible from rendering themselves objectionable to the speakers and the audience.

The governors of the Henley Grammar School have found it impossible to carry out their scheme of building schools on a new site on the outskirts of Henley and are now turning their attention to putting the present school buildings into a fit and proper state of repair. A considerable sum of money will be required to achieve this.

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