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Turning Back the Pages

10 YEARS AGO: November 7, 2003: ARMED raiders terrorised a wealthy family in South Oxfordshire, leaving them handcuffed and injured.

10 YEARS AGO: November 7, 2003

ARMED raiders terrorised a wealthy family in South Oxfordshire, leaving them handcuffed and injured. The gang burst into a large detached house on the outskirts of Goring on Sunday night. The occupants — two women and a man — were handcuffed. The man had his arm broken with a crowbar by one of the raiders.

Controversial plans to build homes for the mentally ill opposite a primary school in Henley were approved this week — despite mass opposition from local residents. More than 250 people signed a petition against the development because they believed it would bring together “two of the most vulnerable groups in society”.

“Oohs” and “aahs” echoed around Swiss Farm on Saturday as the annual Round Table fireworks display lit up the night skies. The crowd of more than 1,000 was welcomed by Mayor Barry Edwards and Laura Brindle, the holder of the Face of Henley title before they lit the giant bonfire. The biggest cheer of the night followed an announcement that a two-year-old boy, who had lost his mother, had been found safe and well.

25 YEARS AGO: November 4, 1988

RESIDENTS of five Henley streets who want areas outside their homes designated for their own use for parking are to receive the backing of the town’s two county councillors. Mayor David Walden and Dr Terry Clarke have put their names to a motion to be considered by Oxfordshire County Council. The roads in question are Queen Street, Albert Road, West Street, York Road and New Street.

Work on renovating Henley Bridge resumed this week. Stonemasons are refacing two arches. They will cut away the old stone before the arrival of the new slabs during the middle of next week.

Wargrave residents are still set on taking Thames Water to court despite being told of measures to ease sewage problems in the village. Following a meeting with officials on Friday, villagers say they are still not satisfied with the response to their protests over pollution of local rivers and smells from Wargrave sewage works and sludge disposal lorries. Officials have said that a number of steps wil be taken to tackle the problem before March.

50 YEARS AGO: November 8, 1963

ONLY seven members of the branch, all of them officials or committee members, attended the annual meeting of the Henley and District branch of the British Legion at the royal regatta headquarters on Monday evening. This prompted the president Lt Col C D Burnell to comment: “The position of the branch, apart from its service committee, is tragic.”

A car driven by Charles Woodley, of Bell Street, Henley, narrowly missed crashing through one of the Copper Kettle’s windows on Friday after it had been in collision with a coach. Luckily, it lodged under the sill and only broke the wooden frame. Neither the four people in the café nor the passengers of the coach were injured but Henley’s rector, the Rev Michael Payne, was knocked down as he walked along the pavement. However, he was only bruised.

There was a welcome at the monthly meeting of the town council on Tuesday for a new development at Newtown Farm, Reading Road. An office block and warehouse affecting 1.7 acres with a total office block and warehouse area of 25,000 square feet was received by the planning committee. The committee recommended that no objection be raised subject to satisfactory provision for road widening and tree planting.

100 YEARS AGO: November 7, 1913

MEMBERS of the fire brigade, with Capt T H Seymour in command, held a very useful special drill on Wednesday afternoon. Thirteen members with motor and steamer turned out and proceeded to Fawley Court where an inspection of the grounds surrounding the mansion was made and a spot selected from which to take a water supply in case of services required. The journey was continued to Hambleden where an exhibition drill was carried out, the water on this occasion being taken from the brook.

Mr E D Stuart, a young Anglo- Indian, of Bangoon, who has been staying in Henley for the past seven weeks, left on Thursday by the ship Ava from Birkenhead. The Henley branch of the YMCA raised a sum of nearly £40 to defray the cost of his passage.

On Saturday last, in the quiet and beautiful churchyard of Remenham, the mortal remains of the late Mrs Noble, of Park Place, were laid to rest. It was just 22 years to the day since the funeral of her husband, the late John Noble, a very appropriate day (All Saints’ Day) for the interment of two such good and noble souls. Her death will create a gap in the parish of Remenham and neighbourhood that will be extremely difficult to fill.

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