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Henley Standard

February 18, 2005

TELEVISION personality Jenny Hanley has launched a blistering attack on the police and legal system after her student sonâ??s face was slashed open after he tackled a shoplifter. Tobias Clark, 21, was in a Sainsburyâ??s store in Ealing in October when he rugby tackled the 22-year-old thief who was being chased by the storeâ??s security men. Tobias realised he was bleeding badly from a face wound. He spent two hours in an operating theatre while surgeons repaired the damage. They told him he would be scarred for life. The shoplifter was sentenced to five months in prison.

An IT trainer claimed she lost her £30,000-a-year job with a software firm because she suffered from constipation. Julie Lewis, of Mount View, Henley, is suing the Reading company Veritas Software on the grounds of unfair dismissal and sex and disability discrimination.

Meg, the West Highland terrier stolen from outside Waitrose in Henley, is back home, having escaped from a gypsy site almost 30 miles away. The four-year-old pet had been tied by its lead to the cycle rack outside the supermarket while her owner, Jan Rossi, spent a few minutes inside when she was stolen.

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