Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Turning back the pages

A WAR veteran living on his pension has been robbed of £2,300 he had saved for

A WAR veteran living on his pension has been robbed of £2,300 he had saved for bills and Christmas presents for his grandchildren. Thieves ransacked 80-year-old Thomas Douglas’s bedroom at his bungalow in Lashbrook Mead, Shiplake, while he was sitting in his living room. Police believe the former Royal Marine, who has a replacement knee and has suffered five heart attacks, was targeted because he is vulnerable.

The consortium that has bought Park Place at Remenham wants to spend more than £70million converting it into a private members’ club. Plans for the development have been submitted to Wokingham District Council and, if approved, the club could open in 2008.

A thief stole a shop worker’s credit card and then rang her to ask for her pin. The suspect walked into the Cargo shop in Market Place, Henley, on October 24 and distracted his victim by asking her to sort through a stack of bank notes while he stole her card. A minute later the victim received a call at the shop from a man claiming to be a police officer saying he was at her bank with the branch manager and needed to know her pin. The woman refused to help and hung up.

AMID the storm surrounding Henley MP Michael Heseltine’s recent criticisms of the Government, two of the town’s leading Conservatives have called on him to depose Margaret Thatcher as party leader. Henley Mayor David Nimmo Smith and party official Derek Sawbridge have broken ranks to reveal a split in the local party. “There’s a divergence of opinions,” said Councillor Nimmo Smith.

Plans for an out-of-town supermarket in Henley have been hit by South Oxfordshire planners who say they will not permit such a development. Henley’s draft local plan released this week says the district council would resist such a development due to its potential effect on trade in the town centre.

A Henley family of five living in a one-bedroom flat have been told they will have to wait at least another 10 years for a council house. Monica Hiscock, who has had her name on South Oxfordshire District Council’s waiting list since 1980, says she is close to giving up hope that the family will ever be re-homed.

TOMMY the Labrador, already the subject of an order to be kept under control, was not in court at Henley on Tuesday to hear the magistrates decide that on August 9 he was not a dangerous dog who was not kept under proper control by his owner. Olive Mary Lyons, of Peppard Common, called two witnesses, one of whom described the dog as being “very friendly”.

Visiting Henley for the first time in more than 50 years, the Rev Sidney M Mead, of Tasmania, called the Henley Standard on Tuesday. Mr Mead, who has been accompanied by his wife on his trip to Britain, is the last surviving member of the family of the late Mr and Mrs Stanley A Mead, of 29-31 Duke Street, where he was in business. Mr Mead’s wife, formerly Miss E Alice Tofield, once resided in St Mark’s Road.

The bones found on Peppard Common recently are human, forensic science experts have decided. Police investigations are continuing to trace the person who left a woman’s nightdress, a plastic raincoat and other clothing found with the bones.

THE Mayor stated that the rector had asked him whether it would be possible for the lamp at the church gate to be lit on Sunday evenings between the hours of six and eight o’clock during the winter. It was very dark at that corner and in the absence of sufficient light there was a danger of people stumbling or falling down the steps as they were going to or leaving church.

A very gratifying measure of success attended the whist drive which was held at the Royal Hotel on Wednesday evening under the auspices of the Henley and District Sports Club. The primary idea of the club in organising the event was to secure a substantial addition to its funds because it objects to being snuffed out merely because of the war.  

Most welcome gifts of vegetables, fruit and fowls were received last Thursday by the Red Cross Hospital after the market had been held. The fowls were specially appreciated as they were the first we have been given for many months. As we have no boy scouts this year, the stoking of the furnace presented some difficulties but helpers were soon found to undertake the work and the furnace now burns gaily.

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