Thursday, 28 October 2021

Councillors object to new fence

A WARGRAVE man’s plans to erect a 140m boundary fence have been opposed by parish councillors.

Tom Walsh says the acoustic fence would protect the garden of his home in Wargrave Road from traffic noise and improve security.

It would be 1.8m high and set back 1m from the road but most of the existing trees and hedges on the current boundary would remain.

Members of Wargrave Parish Council said the fence would have an “overbearing and urbanising appearance” in the conservation area.

Speaking at a council meeting last week, Councillor Philip Davies said: “Apart from it being too close to the road, I think it would be dangerous.

“It has a nasty tunneling effect and it’s not an inconsiderable length.”

Councillor Michael Etwell said: “I think trees could well be more effective acoustically. I wouldn’t like to see such a high fence so close to the road.”

But Councillor Marion Pope said: “Something has got to be done from a road safety point of view. You’ve only got to hit a bump and you are over the side.”

Council chairman Richard Bush said: “The hedge is part of the conservation area but taking it out would improve road safety.”

Councillors agreed to recommend Mr Walsh’s planning application is refused but said that if it was approved, the fence should be set back sufficiently to take into consideration road safety and trees and hedges should be planted to maintain the current appearance.

The final decision will be made by Wokingham Borough Council.

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