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Sixth form sets up students for life outside the classroom

Sixth form sets up students for life outside the classroom

AT the Piggott School in Wargrave, we believe your sixth form education is a journey of self-discovery that will set you up to embark on life beyond education with courage and confidence.

In our sixth form, students are always the first to talk about the warm and friendly atmosphere, where staff and pupils have mutual respect and an open rapport.

Year 13 student, Hassan, joined the sixth form this year from St Joseph’s College and describes life at Piggott School as “one big family, everyone’s very kind and welcoming and we get on really well.”

The school prides itself on providing a truly inclusive education, which combines academic rigour with extensive enrichment opportunities.

Year 12 student, Emmanuel, has been at Piggott School since Year 7 and has enjoyed the first few weeks in the sixth form. “All the teachers are friendly and kind, it’s just a nice place to be and it’s like a second home to me,” he said. The sixth form facilities offer a spacious common room, café and study area with more than 100 computers, allowing students to belong to a community of their own.

Ava joined the school from Cranford House in 2019 and was looking for a school that would encourage independence with a strong sense of community. She said: “I liked the fact that the school has a study room. I felt I would be more motivated to do my work as I’d be surrounded by people that were studying. Because I came from a small school I also wanted to find the school with the closest community — that’s why I chose Piggott School”.

The quality of teaching and learning at the school enables each and every student develop into the very best that they can be.

Coming from The Holt School in 2019, Year 13 student and elected school captain Chloe has embraced what the school has to offer. She said: “Piggott School teaches you a lot of life lessons and offers you opportunities to develop a lot of skills that I use now and I will use in the future.”

Piggott School’s sixth form, which was praised as “outstanding” by education watchdog Ofsted, expects real academic commitment, responsible behaviour and engagement in school life. In return, students benefit from a school that lives up to its values and empowers young people to become resilient, life-long learners.

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