Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Dog walkers ignore signs

RESIDENTS of Wargrave have been reminded not to walk their dogs on the recreation ground.

The parish council recently installed new red and white signs at the entrance stating the “no dogs” rule.

But Councillor Marion Pope, who lives in nearby East View Drive, says people have not only been ignoring the signs but also failing to pick up their dogs’ mess.

“I don’t think people can read,” she said. “They still take their dogs through and leave mess. If they picked it up. it wouldn’t be so bad but it is dangerous.

“There is a group of runners who’ve decided to take their dogs with them and I don’t think that is acceptable. We have a beautiful dog walking area and I did explain that to them.”

Cllr Pope also complained about overgrown hedges and trees in Mumbery Hill, saying this narrowed the width of the road.

Councillor Michael Etwell said cars passing each other would often be scratched by the hedge, adding: “It needs urgent attention.”

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges said Wokingham Borough Council had asked its contractors to flail the hedge.

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