Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Cockerel concern

A FAMILY from Wargrave have asked for permission to have a chicken coop at the village allotments.

The Murphys already use the allotments off Victoria Road and now want to keep chickens for their eggs and meat as well as a cockerel.

Speaking at a meeting of Wargrave Parish Council, which is responsible for the allotments, Mr Murphy said his daughters had enjoyed growing their own fruit and vegetables and now he wanted to teach them the importance of caring for animals.

Clerk Stephen Hedges said tenants could keep chickens and rabbits but he was concerned about a cockerel disturbing neighbours.

Mr Murphy said he would be happy to fit a “no crow” collar and place the coop at the end of the allotments furthest from homes.

Councillor Marion Pope said a resident of Hamilton Road had had to get rid of a cockerel after a neighbour complained.

Chickens have not been kept at the allotments for more than 25 years and council chairman Dick Bush said he was concerned they would attract rats and foxes.

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