Monday, 29 November 2021

Hopes of lower limit

THE speed limit in Wargrave could be made 20mph.

A review of limits is likely to be carried out by Wokingham Borough Council if, as expected, it is given responsibility for them by Thames Valley Police.

Council leader John Halsall, who represents Wargrave, said: “It is right that the police are not wishing to get involved in traffic nowadays.

“The fact that it’s being reviewed and probably coming to local authorities is the right thing.

“Cars are really powerful nowadays and the damage they can do vastly exceeds what was possible in the past.

“Having said that, there is a piece of new legislation that would allow me to pursue making the Wargrave settlement 20mph.”

Councillor Halsall said he was keen to establish a Speedwatch group in the village and would be happy to volunteer himself.

He said: “A lot of parishes have Speedwatch and a lot of people that stand on the side of the road.

“If Wargrave has a contingent of people that are prepared to do that, it would be beneficial.”

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