Friday, 03 December 2021

Appeal to drivers over bad parking

DRIVERS have been accused of parking inconsiderately in Victoria Road, Wargrave.

Residents of Elizabeth Court have been forced to walk in the road because of vehicles parked on the pavement.

Jennifer Hayward, house manager at the retirement homes development, said: “I understand people are driving more and having building work done, but please can houses that are being developed try to get their contractors to think about where and how they park?

“We needed an ambulance for a tenant and it couldn’t get up the hill without one paramedic getting out to guide it through.

“This plea isn’t just for ambulances, it’s for all emergency services. It’s ridiculous at the moment and it’s getting worse.

“We even had cars and vans parked up the driveway to the old fire station, causing so much havoc for surgery patients and Elizabeth Court tenants and family members.”

Parish councillor Marion Pope said: “It is causing issues, particularly between Elizabeth Court and getting up to the A&I Stores.

“People are having to step off the pavement on to Victoria Road, including mums with pushchairs. With the developments taking place down there, it is difficult because Victoria Road is now a car parking area due to the types of properties.

“The van drivers have had to park on the pavements and they are very good if you ask them politely to move as they will but they can’t always. It has become an issue and it is extremely dangerous with the schools being back.”

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges is to ask Thames Valley Police to send police community support officers to the village.

He said: “It is obstruction of the highway, so it would be police. How it’s normally dealt with is the Pcsos do a campaign with a polite notice saying this is inconsiderate parking.”

Cllr Pope said: “I haven’t seen a Pcso in Wargrave for two years.”

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