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Cut-out-and-keep guide to what you can and can't recycle

ACCORDING to South Oxfordshire District Council, the following can be recycled:

All paper and cardboard, including books (only if not suitable for taking to a charity shop), catalogues, phone directories (including Yellow Pages), cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard, envelopes (including ones with windows), greetings cards, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, shredded paper (loose), tissue boxes, toilet roll tubes and writing paper.

Glass: Mixed bottles and jars, any colour (and bottle tops but please separate them). Not window panes, glass cookware/Pyrex, glasses, broken glasses, light bulbs etc.

Plastic: All plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (except film), empty carrier bags (except black bags), detergent bottles, drinks bottles (and tops), food and drink cartons (like soup or juice cartons), food trays, ice cream tubs, margarine tubs, plastic milk cartons and bottles, shampoo bottles, yoghurt pots. (When possible, remove the tops and squash the bottle to make more space in your bin).

Metal: aerosols, clean foil, food tins, steel and aluminium food and drink cans (please wash and squash them first), metal lids (bottle and jar lids).

Small electrical items: Broken toasters, kettles, irons, hairdryers, drills, radios, small electronic toys, telephones, power tools, straighteners, shavers, clocks and alarms. Put them in a tied carrier bag next to your grey bin on your normal collection day.

No large electrical items, such as televisions, microwaves, ovens, fridges, washing machines etc.

Textiles: Worn-out clothes, bedsheets, duvet covers, curtains - ripped and stained ones are fine too. Put them in a tied carrier bag next to your green bin on your normal collection day. No duvets or good quality or just unwanted clothes (please give these to charity).

Batteries can be recycled on your recycling collection day. These include batteries such as 6v, 9v (transistor batteries), D, C AA, AAA and button batteries (watch batteries) as well as mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries and lithium batteries with tape across the terminals. Just pop them in a clear plastic bag on top of your green recycling bin.

No car batteries or other industrial batteries but you may be able to take these to a household waste recycling centre.

The following cannot be recycled: Video/tape cassettes or their cases, CDs, DVDs and cases (you could take these to a local charity shop), garden pots/flower pots, plastic or metal hangers, plastic toys, plastic trims, frames and mouldings, plastic film/shrink wrap/bubble wrap, plastic wrapping/salad bags/cereal and biscuit wrappers etc, polystyrene packing or beads, plastic cables/ties/strapping/binding multi-material items, e.g. Pringles tubes, cat food pouches, crisp packets, sweet and confectionery wrappers, toothbrushes, squeezy toothpaste tubes, foil-backed card, card with bubble pack attached, card with padding, mirrors, plate glass (windows), ornaments, car windows, paint tins (if you need to get rid of paint, pop some sand in the tin and let it solidify before putting it in your grey bin), machine or engine parts, utensils, tools or saucepans, wire/cable, cushions, mattresses, ropes and belts, carpet and underlay, cork, wood and MDF, ceramics and crockery, soil and rubble, nappies, dead animals and hazardous and clinical waste.

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