Thursday, 21 October 2021

New waste vehicles hit road

NEW rubbish collection vehicles came into use in South Oxfordshire this week.

The first of a new £6.5 million fleet of waste and recycling trucks made household collections from Monday.

South Oxfordshire District Council said the previous vehicles were more than seven years old and had become unreliable with some breaking down during collections.

The new trucks, which are managed by contractor Biffa, have designs on the outside to promote recycling.

With the introduction of the new fleet, there will be a changes to the way waste, recycling and rubbish is collected. 

Until now food waste and recycling were put into separate compartments within the same truck but now they will be collected separately by different vehicles.

This will not affect collection days or the way residents use their bins.

Councillor Jane Murphy, deputy leader of the district council, said: “There have been issues with the current vehicles affecting some collections in recent weeks and we’d once again like to apologise for this.

“It is, however, fantastic to see a £6.5million investment in a whole new fleet and we are extremely pleased that the first of the vehicles have arrived and are in action ahead of schedule.

“This is something we have been pressing for and, with more vehicles on their way next month, the entire new fleet is set to be in place by early autumn, which is good news for our residents.”

About 115,000 households across the district and neigbouring Vale of White Horse district have collections made by Biffa. For more information, visit www.southoxon. 

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