Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Parents praise school

CHILDREN at Watlington Primary School are happy and motivated to learn, according to a survey.

The school sent a questionnaire to the families of all 189 pupils and received 107 responses, a 60 per cent return rate.

The move was part of a strategy review by the Love Lane school designed to find out what parents thinks it does well and not so well.

The questionnaire asked about the school facilities, the quality of teaching and the children’s wellbeing.

It found that 98 per cent of pupils were happy at the school and 95 per cent were motivated to learn.

Parents praised the strength of the relationship between teachers and pupils, the school’s role in the  community, the children’s positive attitude to learning and the measures to settle in new pupils. They also commended site security, the quality of facilities and access to outside spaces.

Ninety-nine per cent of parents said that Watlington primary was their first choice of school and 91 per cent said they would recommend it to their friends.

Areas for improvement were communication, how children are stretched academically, the system of rewards and issues such as provision of holiday clubs and quality of school meals.

Headteacher Matt Attree said: “We like to work collaboratively with our parents and children to make sure we have the best learning environment that we can provide.

“We will be feeding these results into our ongoing development work and will be enjoying the idea that we may be the happiest school in South Oxfordshire.”

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